S O M R V H –

Cassette (Cassette / C45)
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We got tipped off about this tape by a friend, and we’re glad to stock these pieces of self-published D.I.Y. music….

Containing 12 tracks by S O M R V H, the tape is filled with ash-grey to blue lo-fi sketches and song, with warm and fuzzy delay-loops binding the brittle, feral sonics to form an organic and soothing palette – easy on the ears.

It’s a highly enjoyable listen, from the unusual percussive palette to the subdued guitar lines – this is really great stuff, a great company for late nights or lazy afternoons, and just perfectly suited for the cassette format.

Looks great, with lino-printed j-card housing.
Each one hand-labelled and hand-numbered.
Comes with hand-made postcard artwork.
Contains DL code redeemable from the artist.

Seems Like Water
The Rushed Life w/Taztical
To Cherish
Fantasy Games
Like a Scar
Hollow This
Too Fast
Love in his Hands

Out of stock!
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