• Haul-&-Pull-up

Schlachthofbronx - Haul & Pull Up EP1

Rave and Romance

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Absolute madness coming through from the continent, 4 varied and unabashed heaters spanning dubstep, steppers, dancehall and ragga - these will go quick.

A side Copper and Lead is the brock-out 140 tune with another top-notch performance from Riko Dan, menacing as ever - expect to hear this on a system near you over the coming months.

Blurred Vision and Killer feat. Warrior Queen both keep the heat running in a steppers and electro-funk style a la Afrikaa Bambataa.

The Riko Dan cut is getting some serious play at the office, get 'em while you can!


Copper & Lead (feat. Riko Dan)

Blurred Vision

Killer (feat. Warrior Queen)

Siren Riddim