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Part 2 of our package from across the pond via outer space –

Dancehall torn to shreds…

Seekers say so:

“Own a piece crucial SKRS history!

The recording that set the foundation: the
undeniable sounds of ‘Yardflex’ inna 45!

Instantaneous dub teleportation;
version deeper excursion; internal
circuitry reconfiguration.

Atimeless classic once thought lost
resurfaces;  ever-couched inna mysterious
expanse, incited by the Obeah-man chant.

Of the indicated 300 hand-numbered
pressings, only units 101 to 150 have
so far been found.

white vinyl, black label;  inside out
mindframe reversal.

Again, hand stamped, numbered and labelled by typewriter.

Cop Dat!

Out of stock!
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