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Inna Sanctuary! –

This 10 track LP features Shandi-I on vocals alongside the Shanti-Ites, with Dubkasm’s Digistep on Sax… Serious roots music, spiritual style.

5 vocal cuts, 5 dubs to follow… each of them with a religious, rasta message, made to play loud on a big soundsystem or on your local PA.

The definite standout track is ‘Inna Sanctuary’ and it’s respective dub version. No doubt about it, it’s a UK Soundsystem anthem, Aba Shanti style and fashion.

A serious piece of tune, powerful steppers that will leave you skanking, no matter how blue you may have felt before.

Emmanuel Joseph on Guitar, Blood Shanti on Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Percussion…

Mixed by Aba Shanti, Blood Shanti and Fuzzy Dee

Wash I
Wash I Dub
Joyful Noise
Joyful Noise Dub
All Mankind
All Manind Dub
Inna Sanctuary
Dub Inna Sanctuary
Babylon Corruption
Dub Corruption

Out of stock!
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