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That killer new Sim Hutchins tape for Local Action is here!

An eight-track ‘rave requiem by Essex audio-visual artist Sim Hutchins’ Clubeighteen2thirty is a widescreen look into the cracks and spaces between rave nostalgia and comedown-fear.
Shattered ambiences, submerged basslines and strangled break-beat patterns make the mesh of atmospherics and rhythms that Sim Hutchins drops for this full-length tape via the Local Action label, a label that has gone from strength to strength pushing LDN underground club sounds via the likes of Dread D, DJ Q and many more.

Somewhere between Burial, Lee Gamble, Zuli, Broshuda, and of course a rave palette that has celebrated it’s continuation for many years now, Sim Hutchins has managed to eschew the reference points into something deeply personal, drawing from dancefloor structures and de-assembling them into whole new constructs.
It’s definitely true that the album depicts a much more ‘blue’ sound than your average ‘happy days’ rave nostalgia trip, favouring introspective arrangements and pained kick drums over fast-paced euphoria… Drawing from personal & social experiences that remember the tainted sides of drugs, long nights and short days, it certainly does capture that feeling of a hollow, serotonin-drained Monday morning after an eventful 48hrs.

Hard to pick a favourite here, but there is a great moment, when, after the first five cuts of deranged low-slung structures have taken you into the depths of that described blue feeling, ‘Let’s Commodify Our Love’ rears it’s head from the slump, with a real emotive synth melody that feels like it lifts into a much needed fresh moment of high spirits, a look for a possible solution amongst the dread.
The clever twist of shaking sub-bass and compressed drums against that trash-can-snare further cement this new found strength, and once we are simmered back down into the heartbeat throb and subdued rave keys of ‘Bath Salts Into The Saccharin’, it does feel like the ground has stopped sinking, and there is a new space to be expolored, perhaps the inner conclusion to the post-rave misery.

It was obviously designed with the full start-to-finish listen in mind.
We did it, and the effects are felt.
Highly recommend for all creeds and kinds (raver or not), this will sit nicely in your tape deck, (tucked in amongst the old rave tapes perhaps).

C35 tape, limited edition of 100, comes with sticker and tasty design by Patrick Savile.

1. No More Propofol
2. Baby You’a Drug
3. Lost Squat Dog
4. Dumped by Pirate Radio
5. Her Lazer Lout Eyes
6. Let’s Commodify Our Love
7. Bath Salts in the Saccharin
8. Ecstasy Honeymoon Romance Period 2

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