A welcome return from the elusive soundsystem version kings ‘SeekersInternational’ to the NoCorner imprint, and an equally welcome linkup with affiliated afficionados ‘Bokeh Versions’ who have been championing the SKRS sound of recent.
These cuts are actually dubplate gems left in limbo since around the time of 2014’s Rootprinciple cassette for NC, so it’s with great pleasure that we can finally announce the righteous move in all it’s glory.
Four tracks, mastered to the highest standard and shot back through time, here to present itself with a fresshhh piece of Mysteryforms artwork, with a strong ‘hats off’ to Wilfred Limonous (the face of late 80’s Jamaican Dancehall sleeves).

This is SKRSINTL at their highest-grade standard, with a hazy quartet of dubwise, re-structured and re-imagined version excursions in the way that only SKRS can do.

Or, as SKRS put it, very simply and aptly:

“SKRS x Bokeh Versions x NoCorner x Mysteryforms x Tape-Echo unification ting seen!”

Edition of 500.
Served in printed sleeve, designed by Mysteryforms.
Layout by Studio Tape-Echo.
Mastered and cut by Lewis at Stardelta.

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