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Two masters of weirdo-dub & oddball dancehall – SKRSINTL & O$VMV$M –
on one 7″ disc together… Fresh out via LAVALAVA, as part of the LV VA series!

Bit of a dream come true this one, to be honest.
The elusive, flexible, multi-national formation that is SKRS aka SeekersInternational, sharing the vinyl grooves with Young Echo’s very-own Sam Barrett & Amos Childs aka O$VMV$M.

If you’ve been checking the musical output from O$ or SKRSINTL, then you’ll know that they can’t seem to do no wrong – You might remember their early releases on NoCorner from a few years ago (we heard 2021 might give us some vinyl reissues…) or perhaps you heard SKRS run of stunners for the likes of Bokeh Versions, BH, ICS Library…. Or you’ve been floored by those two Manonmars LPs on Young Echo Records (both produced by O$VMV$M) –

And in the slim chance that you haven’t listened to the music behind these names yet, well, make sure you correct please, it’ll do you good.
And feel free to start right here, with these two (ambient) bangers, off-kilter dancehall niceness that’ll bring a much needed dose of positive vibes once rotating on the turntable –
These have been on constant loop here for some time now – very addictive, very nice.

Limited edition 7″ in hand-stamped kraft sleeve.
Designed by Patch D. Keyes.
Mastered and cut by Lewis at Stardelta.

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