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1: Esnard Boisdur vs Frankie Francis & Simbad - Soufwans (3AM Mix)

2: Esnard Boisdur vs Frankie Francis & Simbad - Souffrance (Dub Mix)

Another killer from the Sofrito camp! These are trax made straight for the peak time dancefloor… 4/4 madness with hand drums and polyrhythms galore – so, so good.

“…Pairing the melancholy tone and rhythms of the Gwo Ka master’s 1991 release ‘Soufwans’ with metallic Detroit pads and a techy bassline, Francis and Simbad have created the best spiritual house track I’ve heard in a long time; dense, deep and as dope as you like”

These will work in pretty much any set ranging from Disco to House to Techno – a DJ’s dream and a certified killer, no question.

There’s not much else to say, listen to the clips then scramble to buy it as we have super limited copies.

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