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The long-awaited, and absolute stormer of an EP is here, from Bristol’s very own Sophia Loizou.

We’ve been waiting for this one ever since her excellent Singulacra from 2016 (jesus, time flies when you’re having fun. We still listen to that one!) – and it’s more than worth the wait. It’s like Terminator 2… All the good bits from the first part, but now served in surround sound and with extra sensory weight, more grit, more violence.

Here’s what the press text says… It’s all you need to know:

“Irregular Territories is a new EP of hyper junglist future sickness by Bristolian sound artist Sophia Loizou for Shapednoise’s Cosmo Rhythmatic label.

Sophia’s first release since the much acclaimed Singulacra [Kathexis, 2016], Irregular Territories provides a definitive example of Loizou’s sound as it firmly asserts her music in a rarified hauntological rave headspace that meticulously explores an exploded deconstructionist style that she’s developed since her 2014 debut Chrysalis. With one foot in late ‘90s halcyon daze, and another toeing the future, Sophia combines a lust for the ruffneck with a sharp mind for complex structural integrity and inventive aesthetic.

Synching fragmented beats with human gasps, choral synths and richly ephemeral textures, she bridges temporalities and dimensions in a way that recalls an auditory DeepDream composite formed from millions of eyes-shut moments at Metalheadz sessions.”

… Now go and buy the thing.

1:Loop Of Perception
2.Memories Of Anegls
3.Shadow Box
4.Frozen Dust
5.The Interior Life of Another

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