As one half of Helsinki-based duo Jesse, Stiletti-Ana has accrued a well-deserved reputation for their ability to fuse and re-amalgamate diverse styles and traditions into a fun and idiosyncratic signature sound. One thing that has always remained has been the debt to disco and house – the focus on the dancefloor has been a unifying factor through forays into Prog-Rock, Jazz, New Age and World Fusion.

Stone Riders channels the progressive and jazz-inflected leanings of Ana’s work as Jesse into a techno-driven sound palette – driving yet dreamy and atmospheric, it retains the sonic character of a live environment while simultaneously focusing on functionality. This point is driven home further by the inclusion of a beatless-mix on the flip – a perfect layering tool for capable DJs.

Head-turning techno that stays true to its roots is hard to come by these days, but Stone Riders is a much-welcomed exception.

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