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Obscure worldy vibes, another fine EM Records special –

“The second of two EM Records 12” “tribute releases” in support of the Kuzoku film “Bangkok Nites”, this time by rap group stillichimiya, local heroes in their Yamanashi homeland.
Based on samples from Dao Bandon’s biggest hit, the classic luk thung Isan tune “Man on a Water Buffalo” [EM1131CD/LP], the tracks here, including a remix by Compuma, are a grittier, real-world counterpart to the dreamy first release in the series.”

The A Side is perhaps a bit much to comprehend for untrained ears in the territory of Thai rap (such as mine) but that B side makes it all worth sticking around for, with it’s wholly unconventional re-shaping for all disco wrong’uns (we could imagine the likes of Sotofett or Tako spinning this one in of their wilder after hours sets) and then there is also that instrumental cut, for full appreciation of that outernational rap approach –
This one is a bit of an understated banger, and if you ask us, could really get some movement going when deployed at the right time, in the right headspace!

Great, great record for all those who like to push different buttons, musically, or simply expand on a wide collection!

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