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Super limited edition box set from Stonecirclesampler via the crew at Industrial Coast –

No clips, no digital – only place to hear these extended trips from the elusive / expressive Stonecirclesampler is right through your tape deck, with these reels loaded in –

A Field Guide To The Stone Circle Underground
Part 1 – Journey From Avebury
Part 2 – Shivering On The Alderley Edge
Part 3 – Disappearing Derbyshire

Recorded in The Sanctuary by The Antiquarian Underground
Mixed by Sarsen DJ
Edited by DJ Magick & DJ Rituals
Mastered by Neolithic Neil
Artwork by Bronze Age Kru
Produced by Stonecirclesampler & Industrial Coast
Executively produced by Industrial Coast

Recorded throughout the long dead days of Summer 2021 in-between travelling the ley lines that join the many stone circles across the land

4 hours of music & field recordings, across a 3 cassette boxset. Includes postcard art & stickers

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