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Raw Punk aesthetics in vacuum sealed bag –

Gang Of Ducks are back with another piece of off-kilter music, this time along by ‘Sudden Infant’.
Two tracks aimed at the outer terrains of the membrane and the lower-end of the gut.

Packaged in a very unique, unorthodox and simply great way: vacuum sealed in an oversized plastic sleeve labelled with an individually hand-drawn logo, containing black and poster, and the hand-labelled black 7″.

It’s the kind of package you will have to think twice about opening, a true collectors item.

Musically certainly not for the faint-hearted, but all the better for it.
Frenetic drones and oblivious distortion tear they way through psychotic laughs and screams… it’s a captivation of the punk attitude paired with a nightmarish black-metal sonic, noisy and electrifying.

It’s brilliant as an entity, physically and musically.

Limited to 250 copies.
Hand-labelled and painted.
Includes poster.

Out of stock!
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