Biiiiig tune from the late, great Sugar Minott, from ’88 –

Big, bashy digital riddim with the boss Sugar ‘Bugar’ Minott on vocals, with ‘A Letter To Nelson Mandela’ – a lyric for black liberation and a show of appreciation to South Africa’s righteous leader who was at the time incarcerated.
‘Mr Mandela – you’re a jolly good fella… Real true-born African leader… ‘

Some of you might recognise this rhythm for that recent OBF re-lick, which has been a big hit in soundsystem circuits for a while now – both versions are great, but it’s always good to hear the original, and this one really doesn’t disappoint.

Comes with the vocal on top, and a dub version on the flip – nice & stripped back style, leaving heaps of space for that infectious, big bellied bassline, and a nice bit of wigout action on that mid-range synth bass layer –

Killer stuff. This is cruuuuuucial digital dancehall bizniz >>>

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