>> A second edition of this gem – back in stock <<

Deep trippin’ sonics and version excursions from Young Echo’s Sunun, alongside extended family Jiinx, cooking up some real hazy-headed magic across 40 mins of tape

A real nice surprise to see this fine combo of Sunun and Jiinx dropping this hott mixtape put together on a car stereo, for further rotation on more stereos out there – this one has been on constant loop since father Jabu dropped the tapes round the other day, and we’re happy to offer some out to those of you’d like a piece of this too.

Check the nicely worded infotext from the do you have peace HQ, it tells you all you need to know:

“A collection of songs / mixtape from Sunun + Jiinx –
made up of all their own material, a combination of fully realised songs (some of which you might recognise from earlier outings on BKV, Idle Hands, Euphonic Rhythms etc)
as well as unheard demos / ideas and alternate versions.
The mix was compiled by Jiinx over a period of nightshifts – sat in his (now cubed) car with the computer running through the stereo.
You can hear the dry eyes as the tape moves through sleep deprived jungle to new-age and ambient interludes –
with voices (including Sunun’s own) moving in and out like real world sounds intruding into a dream (there’s also a cameo from Jiinx’s daughter).
The tape operates in the spaces between waking and sleeping and night and day – and manages to walk the line between euphoric rave afterglow and
sleepless sickness and disorientation.
Definitely one for the shift workers / ravers / insomniacs.
Dedicated to the roofless Beemer.”

Proper stunner, don’t sleep >>>

C40 cassette with artwork inlay, dubbed off in Bristol at West Kennet Long Tapes.
Mixed by Jiinx in the Westrock carpark, Yate.
Music by B.Schurch & J.Jenkins.
Vocals by B.Schurch & Aria.

Written & recorded 2019-2020.

Artwork © Matthew ‘Beavis’ Neck.

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