Slow-release, brain-melting meditational sounds from South East Asia, in conjunction with Morphine Records bossman Rabih Beaini –

We first heard this record whilst hanging out in a record shop in Milan, and then had to get on the case and present this one to you via our humble channel too, as it’s just too good to let slide.
First released in 2017, this LP brings forward seven pieces from Indonesia, by a Javanese duo called Tarawangsawelas, who come with a contemporary meditation on sacred music from the West Java region.
Joined by their teacher Pak Jaja for the final track ‘Sekalipon’, with each recording carefully altered with electro-acoustic expertise, production and arrangement from Rabih Beaini and mastering engineer Neel, the final sound of this record is an enriching experience that needs to be enjoyed in full, ideally in a moment of calm, with a quality hifi system and a good view out of the window, or perhaps just some horizontal time with the lights low.

Transportational music at it’s best, we cannot recommend this LP enough… It’s a treat.

Comes served in a flash sleeve design that will ensure you don’t forget it on the shelf… Although we doubt that’d happen anyway, this one is one you’ll enjoy in years to come, it’s that good. Promise.

Tetap Terbit
Dari Timur

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