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<< re-up for those who missed the first batch we had >>

Slightly delayed for lockdown reasons, but we finally have our hands on the latest issue of The Bristol Germ – a zine that has been documenting, and interviewing the ‘Bristol underground and avant-garde scene’ in steady, and informative fashion –

The first two issues featured a whole heap of long-time, and yet-to-burst talent from the city and it’s vicinities, and this edition manages to widen the grasp of this group of friends and friends of friends that we call the ‘scene’.

This issue features an interview with rising stars Kinlaw & Franco Franco and Harrga, deep from the depths of the ATC contingent of which Bokeh Versions is a core element (Bokeh also gets a word in this mag!), then crossing / blurring the lines we have more insights into the world of the excellent experimental musician with dub-wired brain that they call Sunun, and more documented genius in the form of a piece on Vessel, a musician who continually forges new paths, and fellow Young Echo word sound maneuverer Manonmars – watch out for the new LP about to drop –

There’s more inside too – this is an essential, versatile Bristol print document of this precious time.

P.S. we’ve restocked a few of Issue 2 as well, in case you missed that one.

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