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Stone cold classic from NYC’s Bullwackies, with Lloyd ‘Bullwackie’ Barnes on production, and The Chosen Brothers on vocals, delivering one of the purest roots tracks ever heard, no joke.
If you listen to the raw, yet delicate way the Wackies stuff is mixed and produced, you can hear how big an influence it would have made on the works (and collobarations) of Rhythm & Sound for Burial Mix for example.
Pure deep roots masterclass, from a golden era of NY dancehall & roots.

Featuring two depth-charging previously unreleased dubs, newly extracted from the master reels – pure class.

Drawn from the Selective Showcase LP, the vocal mix is more open and dubwise than the Sing & Shout LP offering, with less keyboards. Asked whether it should be mash or march, after some pondering Bullwackies replied: “That’s a good question.”

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