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Seminal, cult classic Disciples LP from 1996 – finally back in press!

‘For Those Who Understand’ –
couldn’t really think of a better title for this record to be honest – this record was made for the heads, for those who ‘feel the vibes’, and it has stood the test of time as a testament to Disciples signature style of heavyweight drum & bass, thunderous dubwise, aka UK Dub / steppers style.
Typical 90’s synth instrumentation, treated with lots of movement and attention to detail on the sound – lots of hands-on mixing desk technique, from crisp digital fx racks versus tape delays and spring reverbs through to the – almost at the brink of sonic destruction – tubby style Hi pass filters on snares, horns and hi hats. Then there’s that typical Disciples knack for melodies that can feel majestic in an apocalyptic ‘wrath of jah’ kind of way, almost symphonic in their arrangement, just before Russ D drops the faders down and let’s the bass & drum run through his Waldorf 4pole filters, with the drums shattering down like lightning, with each hit, and the bass pounding out of the speakers, re-configuring the molecules of any witness to the sound.

I mean… I’m sure you’ve all heard ‘Prowling Lion’ by now, right? That’s one of the biggest cult classics to come out of the UK’s soundsystem scene from that era – then there’s ‘Abysinnia’ too… Absolute heat.
But we dont’ need to bang on about Disciples too much here, we’ve done it enough and most of you will probably know anyway, that after all, the Disciples earned their stripes, in the late 80’s, when this ‘digital steppers’ transformation first began, by producing dubplate material for none other than (arguably) the father of the JA roots scene in the UK – Jah Shaka.
Presented in the original sleeve art (different centre labels though) Disciples ‘Boom Shaka Laka’ soundsystem & label is no more, but the legacy lives on with this record.

Essential document of 90’s UK Dub, and a testament to the heavyweight upliftment that Disciples provided – earthquake summoning steppers to test your hi fi with.
Big up Partial Records for letting this one spin some more, for the 2020 crew and beyond.

A1 Prowling Lion (Ext. Mix) 8:53
A2 Chetswayo 3:30
A3 Kali 4:00
A4 Abyssinia 4:10
B1 Upliftment 4:50
B2 D.P. Special 4:30
B3 Guidance Style 6:20
B4 Humble Lion (Ital Vibes) 4:20

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