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Heavy duty cassette on the m.m label –

The first official album by Thorsten Soltau, recorded in 2013 after numerous appearances in split/EP & single format mode.
“Build up from various sources, using records, midi files from the internet, translations of sound in triggering data, fragmented samples and a touch of modern rhythm work, this is the one and only album circling around the topic of rave and the echoes from the monotonous past. ”

An intense trip through the mists of noise and interference.
Clipping rhythms and fragmented melodies create a hazy and addictive aura of unease.

Features appearances and audio alchemy by Marina Stewart, Fluorescent Grey and Ekoplekz.

…. And a special mention has to go out to the presentation of this tape, a true collectors item –

1.Intro/The Creator
2.Precinct (Into Kaos)
3.A Syringe (Vacuumed)
4.Gr;m Cvltvre (feat. Marina Stewart)
5.Merging Patterns
6.Shades (Slowgaze Mix)
7.Final Transmission From A Dead Space (feat. Marina Stewart)
8.Shades (Ekoplekz Replekz)

Black tape in clear clamshell with triple-panel artwork j-card handset, designed by Thorsten Soltau and The Print Project. 

Black charcoal thick paper card with overlaid black/silver print.

Mastered by Steve Bishop / Basic House of Opal Tapes.

Limited to 50.
includes download code with additional material.

Out of stock!
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