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It may only be her third release but Throwing Shade has a sound far superior than many with a discography in such infancy. Allegedly described as ‘Cosmic R&B’ by one Kassem Mosse, her broad sonic palette is undoubtedly influenced by her years of research for a degree in ethnomusicology. The lead track ‘Chancer’ is an eerie trip through blue tones and tittle percussion while the standout track on the flip ‘Blanx’ effortlessly pulls the tricky manoeuvre of sounding like mood music from a mid 90’s Steven Segal movie without sounding in the slightest bit corny – serious listen again and again material here.

Happy Skull label collaborator Kowton steps in to finish off the plate, re-licking ‘Chancer’ into a tidy slice of big room techno, very nicely done.

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