Timedance Remixes 1

Vinyl (12'')
Timedance [TIMEDANCE009]

Asusu, Stenny and Mosca stepping up and bringing the heat for Batu’s Timedance, remixing I’m Alright Mate by Bruce, Beater by Lurka and Post-Rave Wrestle respectively.

Stenny’s remix of Beater sees one of the highlights of the label’s back catalogue get an uptemo, peak-time reshuffle, maintaining the original’s percussive focus while mounting on the pressure with an absolutely brutal 4×4 switch up in the track’s latter half. Shuffling, breaky, primed and ready to tear up the dance.

Asusu’s remix of I’m Alright Mate keeps the hurtling 4×4 of the original, but softens up those noisy freakouts and blends them more subtly into the fabric of the groove and atmosphere of the track.

Mosca’s Dead Leg Remix degrades Bruce’s original slice into a sludgy electro number that crawls like molasses, creepy and silly all at the same time.

This is a huge tip from us (what Timedance record isn’t?), this’ll be sure to remain on the turntable and in the record bag for a good long while.

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