Tom Boogizm – Devil On The Cross

Cassette (2 x C90 Cassette)
Shotta Tapes [SHOTTA TAPES 05]
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Double tape pack mix from $hotta Tapes bos$ Tom Boogizm –
Two 90minute tapes full of far-out sounds and never-heard-before-bangers –

A wild ride that goes to many great places, and manages to make worlds collide and crash in some kind of unexpected near-symphonic harmony –

Serious levels on this >>

You’ll just have to hear this one and understand for yourself really, but we’ll try give you some kind of idea:
What you’ll find here, 3hrs of musical goods from TB’s enviable record collection, spanning all sorts of stuff from concrète, to digital dancehall – some r2d2? – road rap, industrial, psychedelic folk riddim mashupz, grime, punk, local & far-out sounds, and other sonic twissups that you might only ever hear on this tape, unless you’re lucky enough to dip in to similarly intricate and well-tuned, across-the-border musical paths to Tom Boogizm…
Which is unlikely (and the beauty of this music thing) – and that’s fine, because this cassette here will be one of those treasures you can keep coming back to (away from the screen) for some true musical journeyisms >>

“Titled after his favourite book – by Kenyan writer Ngugi Wa’ Thiongo, who wrote it on toilet tish in prison and published when he got out – ‘Devil on the cross’ was recorded during the tribulations of lockdown to lay out a sprawling, polytonal and multi-metric mix mapping the breadth of Boogizm’s collection. ”

Seriously good stuff – and there’s no digi or clips about of this – so if you want to step inside, you’ll need to buy this ticket.

2 x C90 cassette in nice two-tape case –
Edition of not-many at all, and this is your last chance to get one as they’re sold out source >>

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