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Last handful of these wicked & bad $hotta Tapes, the fourth instalment in the series, headed up by Tom Boogizm –
* lucky dip selections, some come with extra stickers too *
(Each one comes loaded with 90 minutes of HEAT though)

We were lucky to get a few of these bangers, before they’re all gone…

No clips on this one, upon request of Tom Boogizm (and we understand, hope you do too).

But rest assured when we tell you that this is the kind of thing that lives perfectly on cassette, capturing all the ruff & ready vibes of the night, something that could easily be lost with the skippable, soon-forgotten experience of a mix on one of the million tabs you might have open at the time.

’Sgbengu inombolo yokuqala’ translates from Zulu as ’Number one thug’, a nickname bestowed upon Tom by crowds in the townships he toured over a pair of three-week stints during 2015-2016, where he established a mean local reputation for his DJing and smoking skills, and where all the tunes in this killer mix come from. His skills and selections surely passed muster with the demanding crowds in Soweto’s Rockerfella club, where he endured a baptism by fire, playing on 1210’s with the pitch locked off at +4, but managed to hold it down and earn the enviable nickname and pick up the slow style of dancefloor pressure caught on this tape.

For the Kwaito layman or anyone who wasn’t listening when it broke thru into UK circles around 10 years ago thanks to Night Slugs et al, Kwaito is the slow (usually around 110bpm) deep house-compatible bridge between SA’s ‘80s bubblegum flavours and current Gqom styles. It’s still massively popular in the shebeens, yard parties and after-hours spots of SA townships such as Mafeking where Tom also played, driving between townships on long car journeys soaking up the local radio and swerving the tourist experience to properly immerse in the local culture. ”

This one comes very highly recommended for all mix cassette massive & crew –
loooooaddd it up!

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