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Special delivery str8 to our postbox from Trillion Tapeman, via swim HQ in Basel >>

Anti-Territorial Expansion Space, produced by Trillion Tapeman and featuring vocal injections from Zooey Agro, goes into new-age eski / sino-grime / stealth rap / hyper-ambient type scenarios, sprawling out thru cyberpunk’d ice-cold, deep-diving, hi-tek dubwise shards that fling off into outer orbits across these 8 coherent tracks, committed to tape.

Wether it’s through timestretched, granulated atmospherics on the intro cut ‘Basic Enhancement’, or the harder, grimier step on other cuts, such as the 808-squarewave dancehall in darkside rap mode on the 2nd cut with Zooey Agro on the mic – Trillion Tapeman and Zooey Agro strike a fine balance between alien dread and underground rap – all served in pitch-black.
The album moves from eternally stretched dark ambience, and infinite echo scenarios on raw, beatless tracks like ‘This surface is never-ending’ and ‘europe LoF 2020’ through to str8-2-the-brain re-pitched vocal narration on the brilliant ‘Solid Soft Levels’, and heads-high, lurking-in-the-shadows type vocal charges on ‘Veiled Agency’ from Zooey Agro, who adds a well-tuned element to the album, with each appearance seemingly forming into some kind of narrative to the whole scenario, which goes through it’s motions in many forms, and at various speeds.

Proper headsy, end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it type vibes on this –
perfectly trippy and filled to the brim with a kind of cyberpunk attitude to sound – if this is what the future might sound like… fuck it, sign us up.

comes with DL code.

Served on printed clear tape,
dubbed at Tapedub in Berlin.
With printed inlay designed by Ellen Parr, risoprinted by drucksalon.

1.Basic enhancement
2.Atmosphere, animals, aftermath (feat. Zooey Agro)
3.This surface is never-ending
4.Solid soft levels (feat. Zooey Agro)
5.Veiled agency (feat. Zooey Agro)
6.europe LoF 2020
7.Hyperviolet ultranature
8.Are there many places

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