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Righteous roots from the Twinkle Brothers with the Sip A Cup Royal Orchestra –

Four vocal cuts, four heavyweight dubs.

Cut loud and clear, with the soundsystem in mind, the rhythms hit hard.
Twinkle Brothers step forward with a conscious message, in rootsman style.

Sip A Cup Royal Orchestra on instruments, with – Style Scott, Fluxy and Gussie P on Drums, Leroy Mafia and Gussie on Bass and Keyboards, Matic Horns on Trombone, Dub Judah on Melodica and the Twinkle Brothers on additional percussion and Mouth Organ.

Recorded at V.W. Studios, Twinkle Studio, Mafia & Flux Studio and Channel 1.

Rootsman and soundsystem operator business!

Side 1:
Culture Defender
Dub Of Action!
Our National Hero’s
Hero’s In Dub!

Side 2:
Offend Them
The Dub Hurts!
Don’t Be Selfish
Corrupt Minds Dub

Out of stock!
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