“The Twinkle Brothers Killer Selections – Dub Massacre Part 2 – Remix”

I mean… read the title.

This one is another diamond in the Twinkle Brothers ‘Dub Massacre’ series. Each one is a must.

This one features heavyweight & deep dub versions of classic Twinkle material such as a dub to ‘Faith Can Move Mountains’ and other cuts from the ‘Burden Bearer LP’ from the early 80’s.

Oh, and Mad Professor is on the mixing desk too.

1. Mountains Of Dub
2. Devaluation Of Dub
3. Dance Hall Invasion
4. Road To Damascus
5. Underworld Dub
6. Dubbing For Peace
7. Tamborine Dub
8. Escape Of The Assassin
9. Gully Bankin Dub
10. Burden Bearer Dub

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