Uio Loi – Cane

Cassette (Cassette / C30)
Opal Tapes [OPAL016]

Staggering, jagged and crunchy drum jams scatter over frenetic samplework, coated in hiss, crackle and distortion during the 30 minute course of ‘Cane’ – Uio Loi’s Opal Tapes debut.
From psychotic juke-esque work outs and slurred house jams, there is a definite unexpected versatility within the distorted frame, the key-shifting switch up half way through ‘Cane 5’ being one of our favourite moments, this tape is filled with unexpected surprises as the tape reels turn.

The whole thing sounds like the spool might be loose, detuned and broken, but this is all part of the charm here.
Twisted and weird, but we like it.

Cane 1
Cane 2
Cane 3
Cane 4
Cane 5
Cane 6 (featuring C.)
Cane 7

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