Unknown Artist – Pupa

Vinyl (12'' / 33rpm)
Weevil Neighbourhood [WEEVILPUPA]

This week is a hectic one at RwdFwd – we are preparing for the Independent Label Market in London this weekend… Bare with us for a unique review of this record… In the meantime, some adequate words from Clear Spot NL!

“The Weevil Series consists of three 12” records, released through the middle months of 2010. It is not meant to be a new label nor is it part of any other. Instead of catalogue numbers, all three records have a “protagonist”, each one of three development stages of a weevil – Larva, Pupa, Adult. The records are produced in a hand-numbered and stamped limited edition of 300 each. This first part of the triumvurate first emerged in March, and until now has only been available from Berlin’s renowned Hard Wax store. Like the first Larva EP, Pupa contains three untitled cuts. The A-Side comes with a radical halfstep-concept that sounds like the perfect combination of Pan Sonic and Somatic Responses but kicks in a way both couldn’t have ever achieved under their own steam. Its beats hammer like an industrial metal press while an unholy chorus of infinite reverbing drones and distorted robotic voices make the sense of creeping dread truly spine-tingling. B1 is an unbelievably sophisticated mixture of dark raved out wobble, almost-rock-band drum patterns, and pads that thrive in that particular framework to develop their dynamics perfectly, while background sounds call to mind Aphex Twin’s seminal didgeridoo tune if reworked in a slo-mo neonj disco style B2 meanwhile, after such deep and dark predecessors, surprises with light and fleet-fooded dubs. A sensational and radical EP.”

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