Ghost Phone 003 is ‘ere.

The Ghost Phone label, ran by Bristol vet’ Sean Kelly (of Kelly Twins / Happy Skull fame) has been shaping up very nicely at the usual steady Bristol pace, with quality, not quantity being the ‘thing’, and RnB tinged abstractions being the theme. From bubbling UKG styles, to acapella indulgence, through to slo-mo grind & twists with added bassweight – this label is a very refreshing melting pot of certified bangers and an ear for something new & unique.

This latest one, features four more cuts from ‘unknown artists’ – but you can be assured it’s a pretty special crew… A bit of head-scratching and close listening might give you some clues.

Big 12″. Strictly available on vinyl, and quite likely gone very soon too, ghost style, so you best pay close attention if you’re keen to get one of these records before it’s too late.

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