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VA - Plenty More Things To Do In Limbo

Limbo Tapes

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Bristol's Limbo Tapes offer up a follow on from 'A Dozen Things To Do In limbo' from the end of last year - this time around doubling the tracks on offer with a mammoth 24 cuts - exploring the tripped out and woozy end of beats, ambient exploration and blissed out electronics for the wee hours.

There's plenty worthy of your attention on this coral pink tape, we've been bumping the contributions from the likes of Memotone, NoCorner's very own Rodney and Eusebeia's 'forgive'.

As per usual, printed cassette shells, pro-duped J-cards and a DL code.

Full tracklist -

1.Looms - In Residence
2.Titus 12 - So
3.Lupo - Lumpy
4.via dekum - Outermost
5.default user - Breathless
6.Mightgoyardstill - No Caller ID
7.Universe All - Sweepin' Up The Bunnies
8.Rodney - A Message
9.Dive Reflex Service - The Finished Garden
10.Caro - Fates
11.Gutter Kiid - 99#2
12.Memotone - Black Rain
13.Dive Reflex Service Vs. Mirapid - A Charm Of Hummingbirds
14.AQ - Imposter
15.Flight Mode Squad - Day In Day Out
16.Eusebeia - Forgive
17.Rodney - Sad Piano
18.Lupo - Tape Arpeggios
19.Gutter Kiid - 99#1
20.Memotone - Secret Slab
21.We Eat Sun - What Does The Future Mean?
22.Universe All - Pent Parade
23.Looms - Fireflies
24.The Old Woods - I Know How This Will End

Looms - In Residence

Titus 12 - So

Memotone - Black Rain

Gutter Kiid - 99#1