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Sardinian record label based in Berlin, founded by Andrea Porcu in late 2007 presents a varied set of Dubwise 4×4 trax for extended listening.

A fresh roster of underground artists including Biodub, Desove, Hemisphere Dub, Hieronymus, Subset, Upwellings, Xoki, Zzzzra bring the gentle atmospheric swells, chamber-deep chords, springed up snares and nice nice riddims. Verging on digidub at times, tracks like Lightyear by Hieronymus showcase a nuanced and well-thought out approach to presenting new spins on classic styles.

Another highlight is Rivers of Dub by Subset, a rainy, murky descent into the chamber by half-step… Load it up and delve in.

Limited copies.
Edition of 100.

1. Biodub – ADJB 05:58
2. Desove – Countermeasure Dub 05:02
3. Hemisphere Dub – Oblige Au Silence 04:04
4. Hieronymus – Lightyear 04:36
5. Hieronymus – Talk Mirror Dub
6. Subset – Rivers Of Dub 06:23
7. Upwellings* – Satta Down Dub 06:34
8. Xoki – Whistlerblower 06:36
9. Zzzzra – Bulles Et Filaments 08:57

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