4 bits of classic grime and dubstep from the White Peach camp feature a host of hard hitters – Nakes, EVA808, Zha and Gundam on the double-sided linkup!

Heat alert here, Nakes opens up with some O.G. referencing Far-East melodic ting, hitting a stride in double time to keep things rolling nice ‘n’ heavy.

Duality is EVA808’s offering here, somewhat reminiscent of the Bandulu Gang’s approach to dubstep-influenced 8-bar. Full of dramatic strings and in-your face bass pulses, replete with switches between rhythms both straight and dotted.

Zha’s contribution is another cracker – you’re starting to get the idea now. Grime done right, with just the right amount of trap influence without ever touching into pastiche territory – another far-eastern melody gives a nod to the mighty influence of Sino-grime on the current crop of producers. Oh yeah, and an absolutely killer sub line.

Last up is Gundam with his own take on modern Sino-grime, a trappy, skippy dose of magic for the heads who are into Fatima al-Qadiri crossed with Gucci Mane.

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