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Various Artists - Pudel Produkte 18


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Straight outta Hamburg, Germany -

Unusual, akward but somehow very addictive and (in parts) certainly very fit for the dancefloor 12" here by the brilliant Staatsakt label, pushing the sounds of one of the best small clubs in Germany (some even say in the world) - Golden Pudel Club.

A smoke-filled, graffiti-covered, dingy little club right by the river, adjacent to the red light district in Hamburg, the Golden Pudel Club has held some of the world's greatest musicians and DJ's and is legendary for it's atmosphere and attitude...

This record speaks the language of the club (literally, in some of the vocal collages found on this disc) in the way that it is musically  unrestricted and rebellious, but with the listener in mind - in a dancing kinda way, but also in a 'fuck-it listen to my music' kinda way.

This is a record for the connoiseurs, the appreciators of the obscure... but nonetheless, it's club music!

Tuff sleeve design too!

Designed by Jivan Frenster.

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