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Rabit’s Halcyon Veil label comes through with 6 hard-hitting experiments ploughing the depths of bass-oriented styles and taking them to their logical conclusion. An all star-cast consisting of DJ Nigga Fox, Bekelé Berhanu and Draveng amongst others.

Bekelé Berhanu opens things up with WIIA, a dramatic, noisy beast replete with industrial crashes and whooshes pitted against pan flutes and ethereal vocal samples, while Bleeding Grey Wall by Hvad is a speedy electro-grime-footwork hybrid, sounding like it’s being transmitted straight from freaky spaceship from Star Trek.

DJ Nigga Fox cues up the last track on the A with Lento Violento – the clue’s in the name… Going straight from half-time hip-hop vibes to psychopathic jump-up referencing f*ckery of the highest order – nuttier than your nan on a combo of oxycontin and 50 research chemical uppers. Wot

Track four is some triple time madness – immensely danceable bleepy stuff, sure to kill an adventurous peak-time dance floor. 2 more tracks to complete a whopper of a package – a no-brainer here.

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