UK-based independent label Greta Cottage Workshop run by Matt Densham brings a sublime set of tunes housed in a fantastically detailed cardboard outer sleeve – all four tracks have their own character, best described by the label:

“Charlie, the opener is kind of oddball, jazzed out, abstract house, with a strange Charlie Parker homage. Stoned mumbles murk around ideally tuned rimshots and double bass flecks that ‘cheekily’ plod about sounding like a stumbling one man band.

Solid and bumping, Semidaler is gloriously defined by dense mysticism. Sumptuous sample work clocked by a deliciously repetitious and evolved sub pulse.

The similarly veined Tardigrades yields tearduct affecting allure, intimately expansive, on the rest-assuring tip!

Sobering Voluspaa’s funk eclipses it’s melancholy vibe of solitary plight with a back room smoke up, enlisting heads down arm rubs, a delicate transcendance and A GROOVE.

Conglomorate delivers another vibe to hugging the downstairs wall. Its ability to hold a moment makes 7 minutes feel like 5 seconds. Tackle indeed for the basement bound.”

Wasserfall ensure another quality edition of the Workshop sound.

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