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Always a pleasure to get our hands on a fresh box of Empty Head Rich Heart goodness, and this even more so when there’s some Bristol action involved –

This deep blue ‘Shelter’ cut from Cold Light operators Gus & Dean aka Withdrawn, and the badass O$VMV$M remix have been on heavy rotation in O$VMV$M sets at Young Echo nights and around town for some time now, so it’s great to see EHRH do the honours and press the music up onto the 1&only 7″ format – pressed up in Hamburg, DIY style, and presented with heavyweight art by Bokeh Versions bossman Miles Opland.

Stick on the clips for a taste, but let us tell you that those pads will be whirring around your brain for days to come – It’s a deep earworm and a really infectious rhythm, one that you’ll be coming back for in years to come.

Edition of 100, vinyl-only.
hand-stamped and numbered.
Served with printed translucent paper DIY sleeve design by Bokeh Edwards.

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