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Wolf Dem are a live electronics duo from Philadelphia, conceived in the fall of 2012 by two longtime DJs who

bonded over similar musical backgrounds and a mutual desire to explore the bleeding edges of electronic music. Using both digital and analog tools and drawing on a highly diverse range of influences, WOLF DEMgrew from its original concept- “what your dreams would sound like if you fell asleep in an old warehouse where someone had left a dancehall station playing on the radio”- into a focused aesthetic, at once chaotic and hypnotic, sitting at the intersection of Caribbean music, techno, noise, and field recordings. Past releases include tracks for compilations on New Low and Great Circles [GRCR-010], as well cassette releases for Vague Audio Tapes and End Result Productions – all Philly labels.

“On ‘Hydrophobia’, we’ve delved into the dancier side of our sound, with 4×4 kickdrums underscoring much of our trademark Caribbean-influenced rhythms. ‘Aquatic Pixellation’ is the most dancefloor-oriented track of theEP, a bright, chaotic stomper, while ‘Lethe’ is all tension and menace; the flip rolls out with the slower, glitchy almost-house of ‘Tin Procession’, culminating in ‘A Cruise Down The River Styx’, a laid-back excursion into a nightmare world of wolf howls, eerie melodies, and broken grooves.” 


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