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An essential collection of Punch Drunk classics, the musical landscape of our fair city has changed a little since volume one, the penchant for sub and skunk is still there though and this collection is a low end heavy selection that firmly maps out the Bristol sound and it’s mutations in the last couple of years.

From the rolling techno mutant of Hodge’s ‘Resolve’ to the career cementing ‘Helter Skelter’ by Kahn each track on here marks a crucial point in the respective producers journey. Zhou had their debut on the label with their dread filled ‘I Remain’, a trip that is followed soon after by the post-punk sonics of Ekoplekz. We could sit here and gas about each track but you really are better off soaking this album up start to finish – a crucial document of Bristol as it is right now.

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Hodge Resolve
Tessela Channel
Kahn Helter Skelter
andy mac asteroid belts
Peverelist Roll With the Punches (Kowton Linear mix)=
Zhou i remain
Kahn tehran
Zhou Locust Dub
Bass Clef ‘Stenaline’ Pev mix
Ekoplekz ‘Vanishing land intro’
Pev & Hodge bells (dream sequence)
Bass Clef A Rail is a Road and a Road is a River’

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