Fresshhh in the post from via Accidental Meetings, we got a couple of handfuls of these fine wzrdryAV tapes – one side rhythm-driven, the other beatless – both sides in full drift mode

Vancouver’s wzrdryAV cooks up some real hazy-headed, narrow-eye-lid type zoners on the A side, sprawling out across low-slung, bass-heavy chuggers across 20mins of bubblin’ dub house vibes dedicated to the talk between bass drum and bassline first and foremost.
Subtle loops of fizzing white noise or downfiltered ambience weave their way in between the rhythm here and there, gently working around the rocking foundations, making sure not to disrupt that steady bounce of the beat.
This side hits a real good mood, upbeat but definitely low slung and very dubwise.

Side B leans more heavily on wzrdryAV’s granular synthesis side. With fragments of field recordings scattered over drones & layered tones, like some kind of warped trip through everyday-life in slo motion, with rainbow coloured sunglasses and magic headphones throwing up all kinds of unexpected fragmentations.

Limited edition.
Comes with DL code.

Produced & Mixed by wzrdryAV.
Mastered By The Stuntman At Suite Sound Labs.
Artwork by Ciaran Birch & Vita Wubben-Moy.

1.Zooted Dimension
2.Tropical Meltdown
3.Channel Drop
5.Posted Up
6.Making Movies
7.Knock Sequence
8.Amiga Lab
9.Forgot About Time
10.Inducing The Contrast
11.Chesterman Beach
12.Ballast Trap
13.Monday Haze
14.Southside Library
15.Storm Eluder
16.In The Woods Again

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