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Raime are back with a new alias on a new venture from Boomkat Editions – Single sided, printed inner and outer sleeves and most importantly, two crucial tracks.

Sharing much in common with the man like Mr. Kipling, both cuts on here are exceedingly good. Both tracks harness that innate dread that we know and love Raime for, but with a slightly more club friendly spin on their trajectory.

Yally weaves shimmering hi-hats around rotund bass stabs and muscular claps, all underpinning eerie atmospherics and muffled vocals. Sudo is more fractured, the same warm bass is front and centre, this time paired with a mutated eski-funk melody that will leave the hairs on the back of your neck on end.

This is certainly one of those records that gets better and better with each listen, it’s not cheap, but you can blame the 52% voters for that.


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