Fresh in the post from the DIY hub of Prepaid Records, Leipzig, 7 Patterns created via the brain of Yosuke Tokunaga, out of Japan –

Proper blue hours, rainy afternoon / gazing out of the window type beats, melodies and rhythms are contained in here, Yosuke and the Prepaid crew have put together a very immersive and intriguing thing.

As our friend Mr ‘The Bug’ has said, quote: “Like an ice cool cocktail of Burial, DJ Krush and Scorn, i got no idea why more ppl aren’t shouting about Yosuke Tokunaga!”

And as our new friends from Prepaid say:
“Tokunaga uses a minimalistic compositional mentality in his works. Simple structures and consistent rules are defining his style as well as his sound aesthetics. “7 Patterns” follows the same path of sketch-type and filtered tracks.”

Yep, we agree wholeheartedly with the above sentiments –
This one really stood out to us when we delved into the world of Prepaid and their DIY tape operations recently.
Maybe it’s easy to make a connection with the likes of Yasuaki Shimizu due to the Japanese location, but we get strong ‘Music For Commercials’ vibes from some of this, as well as a nice reminder of that golden period of L.A. beats from the likes of Samiyam, Flying Lotus & crew, around 2008 or something..

Anyway, the magic is in the music here – just take a listen to the clips, and rest assured that the full tape follows suit real nice.

Guaranteed musical journey’ing from the time you insert the tape, with this one!

Limited edition of 50 tapes.
Normal bias ferromagnetic tape C20 with riso-printed hand-numbered J-Card.


1. P atterns
2. Pa tterns
3. Pat terns
4. Patt erns
5. Patte rns
6. Patter ns
7. Pattern s

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