<< Only Medium & Large available now! >>
(Order has been made, these’ll be ready by end of April)

Here we have it –
Exclusive UK/EU pre-order for the official screenprinted ZamZam Hoodie, designed by Polygon Press.

These will be printed in Bristol, and we’ll make them to order – let us know if you’d like one of these quality things, and we’ll get it to you.

Pre-orders will close on the 14th April, and we’ll get them printed up asap in the following weeks.

In case you needed an introduction…. This is an official, first winter/night-time proof garment from long time RwdFwd friends and affiliates from over the ocean, pushing the dubbiest of dubwise sounds in limited edition, DIY style, straight from the well… Yes, of course, it’s ZamZam Sounds!

Having recently passed their 50th release, the label has made one hell of a mark across a series of excellent 45’s, each presented in unique style and fashion, with the trademark Polygon Press design (That’s Tracy Harrison, one half of the ZamZam Sounds powerhouse).

These will be screenprinted here by Uno One Print, on highest quality hoodies –
We have the UK/EU region covered exclusively, in order to bypass those tremendous shipping costs coming from the USA… (if you do live in the US though, you can get this direct from ZamZam Sounds)
A cut of the profits of each salee will go back to ZamZam HQ too of course – so don’t worry, your support is still totally valid.
let us know if you have any specific questions about sizings etc.

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