Shipping prices updated

As of July 1st 2020 – and hopefully only as a temporary change – we are sorry to say that we’re having to put our shipping prices to the USA up – This is due to the price increase that Royal Mail have announced and is outlined in full below –

We are looking into the best way to keep our shipping prices as low as we can, and will try to look after you all as much as you look after us, please bear with us!

We have always done our very best to keep our shipping prices as low as possible and indeed, absorb some of the cost of packaging and shipping ourselves, we’re still doing this and as soon as there is any reduction from Royal Mail, we will reduce our prices accordingly.

We also offer a reserve function which allows you to reserve multiple orders and ship all together at a later date – and save money on combined shipping

full details on that service are explained here.

Please read below, for the official statement from the UK’s mail service, the Royal Mail:

“As a result of exceptional cost increases outside of our control, we are reluctantly introducing pricing changes for parcels being sent to the USA from 1 July. We are limiting the increase to only recover the costs we are experiencing.

Royal Mail announced – that these costs are a direct result of:

An increase of more than 100% in the fees the US Postal Service (USPS) charges for the ‘last mile’ delivery of international mail

Securing air freight at inflated market costs due to a 95% reduction in air passenger flights globally following the outbreak of Covid-19.

At Royal Mail, we always aim to deliver the best value international services for our customers. We fully recognise that these changes are significant. This was a decision we reluctantly took but is necessary in view of the increased costs borne by Royal Mail.”