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Aba-Shanti-I & The Shanti-Ites ‎– Jericho Walls Verse III

Aba Shanti-I

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Cult classic Aba Shanti-I & Shanti-Ites material from 1999 - rare CD copies -

Jericho Walls Verse III is another testament to the sound that has gained The Shanti-Ites (headed up by Aba Shanti-I's brother Blood Shanti) & Aba Shanti-I so much reverence in the soundsystem world over the last decades. Pure & melodic, endlessly deep, somehow haunting, yet kinda sweet & soulful.... But ultimately, once played at the right volume, thunderously heavyweight dub -

Features soundsystem classics such as 'Guidance And Protection', 'Shanti-Ites' (we've seen the dance go crazy to this one when Aba dropped it in the Kuumba centre - those snare fills and that bassline go hard)
The LP version is very hard to find and expensive second hand, and even this CD can go for high prices - but we got some direct from the Falasha HQ, love to Blood Shanti.

Also check our site for more Falasha 12" including the 90's dubplate series, and some Aba Shanti-I 'Sound Of Jah Lightning And Thunder' Tshirts.

Original CD copies from 1999.

The Tower Of Babel
Man In The Hills
Higher Plain
Players Of Instruments
Jah Love
Iman Iwah
Tribute To Tommy McCook
Jericho Walls (Verse I)
Iver & Iver
Battle Of Jericho
Guidance And Protection
Jericho Walls (Verse II)

Guidance And Protection


Iman Iwah

Jah Love