How to use Hold/Reserve function & get free shipping

If you'd like to purchase items from our site, but want to save money on shipping costs, you can use our reserve function.
By selecting 'reserve' at the checkout page, you can purchase any items you wish, and we keep them in reserve for you here, instead of shipping them to you at this time.
You can continue to do this with several orders over any course of time, and you can keep the items in the reserve for as long as you wish - 
By using our hold function, we will automatically keep the items aside for you here until you are ready to make your final order, and for everything to be shipped together - at one combined shipping price.
Here's a step by step guide to using it - 
1. Click on the account icon to log into your account.
If you don't have an account, please click 'create account' to make one. If you had an account on the old RWDFWD site, please create a new one with the same email address used on the old site - this will ensure your previous orders are brought through to your new account.
2. Add records to your cart as normal.
3. When you're ready to check out, select 'ship'.
4. Then select 'Hold/Reserve' on the shipping method list, then continue to payment.
5. Once payment is complete, your order will show in your account as 'unfulfilled'. We will have put all the products aside in reserve for you to combine with other orders and ship later in bulk.
6. When you're ready to ship all the items you have in reserve, email us on and we will calculate the shipping due and arrange for payment to be taken.
7. Sit tight and wait for your records to arrive in the post!