RWDFWD 2022 >>

It's mad to think that it's been pretty much 10 years since we started shipping those first records & things out from our little studio / office spot (sometimes jokingly called 'the warehouse') here in Bristol, just off Jamaica Street - the early beginnings of the RWDFWD distro & mailorder seem like yesterday in many ways.
For better or for worse, we're still here 10 years later, still ignoring all warning signs, not listening to grandma's advice, and continuing to dedicate our time to music despite lack of cash and the ongoing uphill struggles of the vinyl world, the music industry. Still, we feel pretty blessed and are grateful that we're still here doing what we love most (simple as that), and the fact that many of you have been with us since the early days, and still show support to this day - that makes it all worthwhile. 
We appreciate that in the days of bandcamp & spotify ruling the music world and providing such user-friendly platforms, our importance has become a little more niche. Artists & labels can now fend for themselves a little more than they could a decade ago when they relied on the work of record shops, distros and mailorders to amplify them. Still, we would like to think that we still hold a place of importance in the way that we can bring more people together 'in one place, and many places at the same time' whilst still pointing to various corners and providing a platform for music to exist and thrive away from social media algorithms, away from general homogenisation and vanishing timelines, whilst supporting a wider network - from artists, to labels, to distro, to the printers, photographers, designers, tape & vinyl manufacturers, the postal service, and of course people such as you (thanks for still reading!) who support and show interest, and help keep it all turning. 
Together we're making sure we can keep collaborating and providing mutual support in the age of individualism, in a world that spins faster and faster into general insanity - in the days of pandemics, increased social friction, increased mistrust of government and corporations, in the age of sci-fi movies becoming real, long turnarounds at the pressing plant, brexit borders hurting us all in many ways, Amazon world domination, all the more reason to make sure we stay independent, community driven. All the more reason we keep in touch with the best & most potent, collective medicine out there - Music, aka culture - cultivating the universal language that transcends time and place and keeps us all moving in some sort of collective unity, in search of exploration and non conventional communication.
For years we've been talking about getting a new website, (as much as we'll always miss those days where our site would crash when a new Bandulu or Dubkasm record went up for sale) and now it is finally upon us. Big up Alex, aka Studio Tape-Echo, for learning a new trade and putting his design skills to further use, once again. We hope you enjoy using the new site, and hopefully find new pathways to explore the music contained within.
Get in touch if you have any questions, requests or feedback regarding the new site, or if you just want to say hi - we're always happy to hear from the crew.
Thanks for checking in with us again, and for being interested in what we do, even after all these years of shouting 'big tune!' at you, and being over-excited about stuff.