• EP64-63 - w / Dali De Saint Paul, Agathe Max, Valentina Magaletti, Yoshino Shigihara
  • EP64-63 - w / Dali De Saint Paul, Agathe Max, Valentina Magaletti, Yoshino Shigihara

EP64-63 - w / Dali De Saint Paul, Agathe Max, Valentina Magaletti, Yoshino Shigihara

Permanent Draft

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"EP64 (EP for Ephemeral Project) is a Wild improvisation combo with variable geometry, formed in 2016 by vocalist Dali de Saint Paul, ended the 27 & 28th May 22. EP 64/63, the 63d concert, was recorded at New River Studios, London, on 02/05/2022.

Dali de Saint Paul (HARRGA, Viridian Ensemble, etc.) is a vocalist experimenting in various genres, she’s using her voice to explore its potentialities with a rare intensity. Electroacoustic composer and violinist, Agathe  Max (Abstract Concrete, KURO, Mésange, These Towns, etc.) works around textures and delves a singular path through collaborations. Yoshino Shigihara (Yama Warashi) feeds her politically-aware and tender psychedelic pop with traditional japanese dance and folk music, free-jazz and African music.  Valentina Magaletti (Vanishing Twin, Holy Tongue, Moin, CZN, Better Corners, Avvitagalli, V/Z, etc.) is a percussionist who stands out in a wide spectrum of experimental music from the most subtle to the highly energetic ones, performing in galleries as well as huge venues.

The musical encounter between these four widely experienced improvisers at New River Studios had to be memorable . We owe it to Dali’s own project EP/64, in which she has invited friends (musicians and visual artists) to celebrate freedom and joy of togetherness through improvisation, a project that ceased after 64 performances as Dali conceived it. Named EP/63-Ondata Rossa this tape is the recording of the penultimate show of this ambitious and generous project.

Dali : « About Ondata Rossa – red wave/tide. The title came to me after a jam and chat with Joanna Pucci, years ago. We were talking about the sometimes overwhelming effect of period on some women, and being also political (in Europe left ideas are usually associated with red colour), it could be the surge of new ideas and actions, we urgently need to reinvent the world, life together. (…) I think it’s a good title for our set as people from the audience told me that they felt literally immersed in our sound that night, which had a positive and invigorating effect on them.”

Indeed each musician’s own world can at a time echo with melancholia and darkness, though the power generated by their crossroad appears to be, thanks to a strange alchemy, a vivid and luminous force. On stage, the tide also swelled thanks to Laura Phillips’s forms and colours. The visual artist was blending live 16 mm film footage with her own creations, swaying between abstraction and figuration. The images on A and B side of the tape are from Laura’s performance that night and give a good taster of her work. 
Permanent Draft is happy and proud for that surprising EP 63 to be their DRAFT 1. "

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P.S. ... We still have one of the EP/64 tapes from the show with Ben Vince, which got put out via ATC a couple years ago left here too... wtf?

Hand stamped, strictly limited to 100.
Comes with inner sheet.

Side A: 63 (19:53 mins)
Side B: Ondata Rossa (17:22 mins)

EP 63 (clip)

Ondata Rossa