• King Kong - Rastaman Song

King Kong - Rastaman Song


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Loving this wickedly low-slung, yet ultra heavweight digital style piece from the legendary King Kong -

This one is a brand new production that ties in real nicely with the o.g. digital dancehall sound - from Steely & Clevie to Jammy's or certain Jah Life hits - basically the Kingston scene that King Kong provided so much for back in the day. On top of that credential, this tune and the extra heavy dub versions add a fresh kind of production tuffness not a million miles of the 8bit ventures of Jahtari etc to the mix... Extra points for the steel-pan melody too - it works a treat on this rhythm. Proper infectious stuff.

Big tune this, turn it up and you'll probably agree!

Served on a 12" with printed sleeve via the Legsman imprint - good & proper!

Rastaman Song


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