• Leyden Jars - Forgeries
  • Leyden Jars - Forgeries

Leyden Jars - Forgeries

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Leyden Jars kick up the dust (that had barely settled) from their mindblowing tape of downer dub shards on Outer Reaches, and stick the shovel in the ground for another deep excavation of dubwise, gloomy 'folk music', for a concrete world....
This one is for late nights and misty mornings....

Made up of field recordings which seemingly have their own cycle of sound, swirling around solemn bass guitar, haunted flute, distant voice and unorthodox drums that clang, twang and grind their way around semi-lucid soundscapes - the nature (and the supernatural) around us brought to life, not exposed, but rather amplifying it's mystery.

If you weren't already aware - this is an absolute must listen for any of you who who appreciate anything from Brenda Ray, to Tarquin Manek, Memotone, F Ingers, musique concrete, haunted folk music... and some dub attitude.
Packaged in maltese cross recycled card, printed artwork, hand stamped/numbered, vintage gold cassette with on-body printing.

01 Tail of the Comet02 Donostia to Somiedo03 Feathered World04 Isthmus 205 Vapour Trails06 Isthmus 1107 Rest and be Thankful08 A Seed A Start